Fashionable thoughts

My husband and I are planning a trip to Europe, and as I don’t want to look like the ultimate tourist, I’ve been studying some fashion blogs so I can better blend in when we go.

For London, I’ve been scoping out The Style Scout:

For Paris, I’ve been perusing Easy Fashion:

My current style is a blend of the fun and the functional (plus, the somewhat common lazy jeans and a sweatshirt days).

Here’s what I wore yesterday. For my European travelers, does this scream American, or with the proper scarf and jacket, would it work?


About bethmf

Writer, dancer, literature buff, lover of music, discoverer of new places, devotee of joy and random connections. Grateful to be here and trying to earn a space.
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2 Responses to Fashionable thoughts

  1. Jenny Baran says:

    Can I borrow that dress? SO CUTE!!

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