South Bay premiere of the Wow Truck

         I attended the premiere of the South Bay’s  Wow  Truck on Friday, 11/27. I heard about the event via  The Usuals, one of my favorite stores on the Alameda in San Jose. The Wow Truck, a bright red and yellow fixture, was parked in front of the store and serving up its incredible silog fare. The  Usuals had set up tables inside of the store to accommdate its hungry patrons, who could then browse theurban  boutique once they’d finished eating.

       I chose the #3 combo, which included seasoned beef, garlic rice topped by a fried egg, and a slice of tomato, all of which arrived served on a bright green leaf:

arrow mmm thanks @theWowtruck!
      The flavors were incredible!  The egg was perfectly salted, and the yolk readily broke open and oozed onto the garlic (but not too garlicky) rice.  Also, the tomato slice was good, both for color and fruit purposes, but the standout was definitely the meat. It had a slight sweetness as well as spiciness to it, and it arrived moist and well cooked.  I found it to be the perfect next day chaser meal to Thanksgiving, and at $6, it was worth every penny ($7 with a soda).
 The truck also offered 5 combos with other meats, such as sausage, and sides as well (what appeared to be long egg rolls, etc). I had to thank the staff, because frankly, that was an amazing meal.
If you’d like to try the WowTruck…
If you’d like to visit the Usuals, please go to

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