My husband and I were lucky enough to attend ElecTronica on Friday, 10/8. What is ElecTronica, you ask? Basically, it’s a section of the Disney’s California Adventure Park (mainly the front plaza area as well as the Hollywood area) converted over into a Tron Legacy themed celebration.

     There are enormous portals above you as you walk in, and light cycle races and disc fights being projected across the building fronts around you. 

Initially, you had your pick of some activities: throw a glowing frisbee into a hoop; purchase a glowing drink at one of the kiosks; watch an incredible laser show; become part of the enormous DJ’d Tron rave, complete with dancers. (The dancers also performed a choreographed pre-show close to the entrance). Or you could watch a 9 minute 3D preview of Tron Legacy, shown in the Muppets 3D Theatre. (I did some of almost everything!)
    As we wandered further back, we found more options: a Tron food truck, the End of the Line Club, and what some considered the pièce résistance: Flynn’s Arcade. Yes, Flynn’s Arcade from the movie, complete with rented 80s games, 80s music, and killer personalized tokens with “Flynn’s Arcade” emblazoned across one side, and “ElecTronica” on the other:
   We had an absolute blast! There were actually places to sit, loads of merchandise stands, in case you needed a disc (they sold out quickly, by the way–I couldn’t even find one until I visited a Disney Store nearly a week later), dancing to watch/participate in, drinks, arcade games. It was perhaps the coolest thing that CA Adventure has ever launched. Well played, Disney, well played.

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One Response to ElecTronica

  1. looks like fun! I gotta take my family their one of these days. thanks for sharing! 🙂

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