On Weddings

    I just attended my fourth wedding of the year this past weekend. It was a lovely affair held on an expansive property near Sacramento, and the reception was Eastern themed with pillow covered benches, painted candle holders, and peacock feathers at each place setting. The bride wore inverted golden fan shaped earrings and a strapless gown. There was also an abundance of food–marinated vegetables, pasta, BBQ, salmon, green salads, and the like.

What really struck me, however, was in considering all of the year’s weddings, all of the resonant moments, rituals, and the like, was how each captured the essence of the couple. For the first wedding, the bride and groom danced to Lifehouse, and the guitarist groom entertained us with a brief concert during the reception. At the second wedding, the couple wove traditional Indian and Chinese garb into the ceremony to reflect their heritage, and the event was held at a Japanese garden.

For the third wedding, a very traditional church affair, the reception was held at a western style saloon and farm complete with a Western town front, and sunflowers everywhere, per the bride’s wishes.

 The last wedding was also fitting for the bride and groom, being held at the bride’s parents’ house, just miles away from the couple’s newly purchased home.

   I enjoyed myself at each event, and not just because of the food and dancing–I truly wanted to be at each one. I love being there to celebrate the beginning of a couple’s journey. It helps remind me as to why I chose such a path myself, and how happy I have been as a result. To watch someone choose to spend the rest of life with another is truly inspiring, and I feel so lucky to have witnessed the weddings of these four couples.


About bethmf

Writer, dancer, literature buff, lover of music, discoverer of new places, devotee of joy and random connections. Grateful to be here and trying to earn a space.
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