Somebody take Arizona’s temperature

I encountered this Huffington Post piece via City Lights Bookstore on Twitter, and I found it highly disturbing. Whether or not a student prefers to take an ethnic studies class, the option should be there. The concept of pulling such material from the curriculum, as well as any material which champions the overthrow of government, is ridiculous. I may not agree with everything I read, but I’ll fight for freedom of expression. What kind of a nation have we become that Arizona (and as the author indicates, Texas), would be willing to ignore/marginalize a cultural tradition/experience in our society? I can’t believe that this legislation is representative of all Arizonans and Texans. I also can’t believe that it reflects our First Amendment rights.

What do you think?


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One Response to Somebody take Arizona’s temperature

  1. Michael DiLeo says:

    I do in fact agree with the Huffington Post article, and the courage shown by the states of Texas and Arizona, because ethnic study programs do not unite us as Americans but divide us as ethnic groups. Whether you are Black, Latino, Asian, Indian, Gay, Jew, Christian, or Islamic, if you are a citizen of this country you are an Americian first and foremost and hopefully believe in liberty, freedom, limited government, and individual rights. The minority group you are a member of, should be a distant second.

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