The Spread of Information

So I went to see a podiatrist today in the hope of learning how to combat my slight ankle pronation as well as strengthen muscles in the general vicinity. The podiatrist had been referred to me by my insurance company and was extremely accommodating. He checked my feet and ankles and provided me with a booklet on ankle anatomy which included examples of potential injuries and stretches to help strengthen the area. He also furnished me with a further sheet of stretches for my plantar fasciitis.

Paging through the booklet at home, I learned that a previous sprained ankle of mine where I had “rolled” the joint out  was termed an “inversion” ankle sprain, whereas an inverted roll was classifed as an “eversion” ankle sprain. Later today when the two terms came up during a discussion of a student’s test at my workplace, I was actually familiar with them. It was so refreshing to learn something further about my body, and, more importantly, new ways to make it function more efficiently (and with less pain).

In the past, when I was first diagnosed with p.f., no one ever told me about the foot stretches. I was given orthotics, pain pills, and told not to jump. Well, I was a headstrong college girl and kept dancing through it all–although I did back off jumping for a time when the pain became severe. In the years since, I’ve used orthotics, massage, icing, and even time off dance to help treat the pf. But now that I’ve got some new stretches, new strengthening exercises–I just feel worlds better.

And as a parting thought–I learned that if pf goes untreated over time, calcium deposits, or heal spurs can form. Definitely something worth avoiding.


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Writer, dancer, literature buff, lover of music, discoverer of new places, devotee of joy and random connections. Grateful to be here and trying to earn a space.
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