Free stuff

So as I stood in line in the glaring head for 20 minutes today, waiting for my free Ben and Jerry’s cone and feeling the sweat roll down my forehead, neck, and dare I say it, legs, I couldn’t help mulling over the concept of free. I was waiting for a free cone, but I was also paying for it in time and physical unpleasantness. I couldn’t help wondering, if I’d had to wait 40 minutes for my cone, would I have felt more annoyed? Would I have believed that browsing H&M or the local bookstore would have been far better worth my time? If you think about it, I invested a third of my lunch break in an ice cream cone. Thankfully, the cone was good. But I’m also a power breaker at times–I’ll hit Long’s, the mall, etc in one swoop, picking up essentials or simply window shopping for exercise. So when is free not worth it? I would say it all depends on your patience, your need to compulsively exercise or wring all that is necessary out of your time, or your ability to simply let things go…
Regardless, I loved my cone–peanut butter cookie dough…mmmmm…totally worth it:)


About bethmf

Writer, dancer, literature buff, lover of music, discoverer of new places, devotee of joy and random connections. Grateful to be here and trying to earn a space.
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