First Annual Streamy Awards

     So after numerous twitter entreaties that I watch the first annual Streamy Awards, I decided that I should make a point to do so. After all, this was (to my knowledge) the first more publicized awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of web series’ creators, actors, and crewpeople. In addition, a number of my favorite web series were up for awards, including The Guild, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, StrongBad, and of course, the Battlestar Galactica webseries. Let’s focus on the highlights of the evening, shall we?

  • Upon winning the award for Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series, Neil Patrick Harris said, in true Dr. Horrible form, that Nathan Filion was a “dick that padded his junk.” (Facetious of course, but damn funny).
  • Felicia Day won for Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series, and her series, The Guild, won for Best Comedy as well as Best Ensemble, among other things. (For those of you who haven’t seen her work, go to . It’s priceless).
  • William Shatner won Best Reality/Best Documentary for The Shatner Project. His daughter and co-star Liz put it best when she said he was on the edge of a “new frontier…”
  • Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along blog took home a number of craft awards (Best Editing, Cinematography, Original Music), as well as the Audience Choice Award for Best Web Series, Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series, Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series, and the aforementioned Best Actor Award. Gotta love Joss Whedon’s devotion to his work and his brilliance.
  • Jane Espensen received the award for Best Writing for a Dramatic Web series (Battlestar Galactica), along with Seamus Kevin Fahey and Ronald D. Moore. (The latter two unfortunately weren’t present). She mentioned how they had to function in a space roughly the size of a van while shooting, and praised the talents of the cast. She was also kind enough to accept Alessandro Juliani’s award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Web Series when he could not be present, because he apparently lives in Vancouver. Go Jane Espensen!!!

         The event had something of an obnoxious announcer, but I could forgive that. There was a strong sense of gratitude in the air, especially from those who’d produced series on almost no funding, or those who had contributed hundreds of episodes, and only now were gaining recognition. I hope that actors, writers, production crews, and the like will continue to create more incredible web series, and I hope that the Streamys will become a staple–recognized, and even celebrated.


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