The Web of Trust (or riding Muni & thinking about Orbitz)

So I was riding the Muni yesterday, since walking from BART to the Green Apple would have been somewhat far, and I was struck by the consideration of the riders for the elderly, children, and even those with bags. I made a point of offering my seat when possible, but I saw women, teens, even middle-aged people relinquish their seats to those who needed them more. It was so reassuring to see people looking out for each other. In fact, it made me think of what I call the web of trust. In high school, we once did an experiment in my chemistry class where we examined the Orbitz drink (please see ), and what exactly allowed its tiny beads to remain suspended in the drink itself. After running a number of tests, we found that the structure of the drink included an invisible “web” which allowed the beads to remain in place rather than tumbling to the bottom. I like to think that this web could easily symbolize our trust for one another. You can apply it to driving on the freeway (trust in motion), letting someone take your seat (trust of need) or in giving someone a chance to do something he/she has never attempted before (trusting an individual’s skills). It’s letting go of risk and having faith that someone will come through for you. Granted, it’s imperfect and won’t ring consistently true. However, I find it so encouraging that there are still kind people out there in the world. Riding Muni also reminds me that I am lucky to live in the South Bay and be able to drive to Trader Joe’s, get groceries, and drive them home.  I’m not sure I would always have the patience for public transit. However, I definitely appreciate its efficiency and proliferation throughout the City.


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  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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