The Rush of Momentum at WonderCon SF

Jarrod and I attended WonderCon on Friday, 2/27 and Saturday, 2/28. Despite the fact that the event had been scaled back a bit from previous years, we were not disappointed. Friday afforded me the opportunity to speak with David Mack, author and artist for the Kabuki and Kabuki: The Alchemy series, as well as David Petersen of Mousguard fame. Mack was very generous with his time and works, and I was excited to purchase a  limited edition hardcover copy of Scarab from him because I knew that I was paying an artist for his amazingly coherent, passionate, thoughtfully rendered work. (Petersen signed the latest Mouseguard for me as well!) Jar and I also walked over to see Gigi Edgley from television’s Farscape, and we found her to be very personable and happy to answer my question regarding how her unique movements for the character of Chiana had developed. In addition, I somewhat stumbled upon the table for Pascal Campion, a designer/animator, etc–we began talking, and I was instantly struck by how his work seemed reminiscent of Mary Blair’s. I decided to pick up his Oogeley Boogeley 4: A Fourth Collection of Sketches by Pascal Campion due to his work’s inherent whimsicality, and also due to how accessible and down to earth he was. (He also signed it for me:)

On Saturday, Jar and I attended the panel for Watchmen, and director Zack Snyder brought the first 20 minutes or so of the film for the audience to experience. I’ve seen the ads for Watchmen go by on city buses, and Snyder’s always labeled as “visionary.” This clip was no exception. His use of Bob Dylan during the opening credits, the wailing of “the times they are a-changin'” to signify the transitions in decades (as well as the changes of the Minutemen); his staging of the Comedian during the first scene–the slowing and acceleration of the film; and ultimately the second clip with Rorscach in the prison–were so reflective of the original comic and its intention…I was absolutely blown away.

After lunch, we returned to watch a panel on Alien Tresspass, a 50s style sci-fi thriller, and Eric McCormack appeared to answer questions. (Speaking of which, someone had the gall to call him “Will” during the QA session, and he handled the transgression with just the right amount of sarcasm. Gotta love him!)  That was followed by a panel on the new Star Trek film, and I (along with the rest of the jam-packed room), was thrilled to see J.J. Abrams and Zachary Quinto in person!!!! Abrams and the cast spoke so highly of the efforts of Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols, and how each diligently worked with the cast on their characters–one member of the panel said that they had “blessed the film,” as it were. They also seemed to have approached the film with a sense of humility and an awareness of the current fans’ devotion to the other existing series, both of which made me feel reassured about the film. (May 8th will of course provide further confirmation of this:)

Further panels attended included 9, and Elijah Wood was present to answer questions. Not only were his responses to the inevitable “Lord of the Rings” questions/shout outs amusing, but he responded intelligently to all questions, and spoke so passionately about the film, that I became really  tempted to go see it. That, and I was excited to hear of Jennifer Connelly and Christopher Plummer’s involvement as well. In addition, we caught the panel for Pixar’s Up and watched the five clips available.

To round out the day, we waited to see Felicia Day of Dr Horrible and The Guild fame. Jarrod and I had the chance to talk with her briefly, and sadly I hadn’t seen much of her work at that time. She was very friendly however and even took a pic with Jarrod!

I always come to WonderCon with such momentum, and leave with even more. Now I need to use the momentum to transform from a mere fan to a creator. Let’s see if I can make it happen. Maybe the third year and the third time’s the charm…


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One Response to The Rush of Momentum at WonderCon SF

  1. bushra81 says:

    Thanks for the Wondercon account! I wish I got to go on Saturday. Always next year (I’ve said this for a few years now).

    I met David Mack at the first Wondercon I went to ages ago, back when it used to be in Oakland. I had no idea who he was but we talked a bit about Kabuki and then he signed one issue for me. He was pretty cool.

    Awesome that you met Felicia Day as well and glad it got you to watch Dr. Horrible!

    And I’d be surprised if no one had called Eric McCormack Will…

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